A number of different subsea cleaning methods are available for use with our ROV systems.

  • Caviblast cavitation water jetting: a working pressure of 2,200 PSI means it is less likely to cause damage to coatings and the performance is comparable to the more widely HP water jetting equipment.
  • Surface driven HP water jetting: 10,000 PSI pressure with a variety of nozzle options such as pencil, fan etc.
  • Subsea ROV water jetting skid: a 6 kW jetting system supplied at 660V, driven by a 3 phase motor, the pump from which can deliver 12.5 litres per minute at 110 bar, through an orbital nozzle, deployable via the ROV manipulator.
  • Rotational brushes, both nylon and wire brushes can be fitted to ROV system depending on the requirement.
  • Tension Wire Marine Growth Removal Tool.