Innovative ROV Solution Redefines Subsea Pipeline Inspection


The intricate network of subsea pipelines lies at the heart of offshore operations, and ensuring their integrity is paramount to the success and safety of any project. In a display of innovation and expertise, Film-Ocean introduced a groundbreaking approach to pipeline inspection during a recent project in Angola for a valued client.

Conventionally, a Work Class ROV is the go-to choice for pipeline inspections. However, Film-Ocean has always been synonymous with pushing the boundaries of possibility. In this project, they devised an innovative solution that utilised the capabilities of a Sub Atlantic Super Mohawk ROV, equipped with ingenious tooling options to execute a successful inspection campaign. This novel approach, underlining Film-Ocean's commitment to ingenuity, allowed them to explore new avenues of pipeline inspection efficiency.

The Film-Ocean team, equipped with the Sub Atlantic Super Mohawk and its tailored tooling successfully executed the pipeline inspection campaign with precision. The team demonstrated their proficiency in handling complex tasks, confirming Film-Ocean's reputation as proven experts in subsea inspection.

In addition to the pipeline positional survey, the team completed multiple scopes, including detailed inspections of cables and flexibles, and detailed analysis of deep water subsea structures.

By utilising an observation class ROV and its bespoke tooling options, Film Ocean redefined what's possible and set a new standard for efficiency and success. This campaign stands as a testament to the power of ingenuity and expertise, illustrating Film-Ocean's dedication to challenging convention and surpassing expectations in subsea operations.

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