Our client-focused commercial and project teams work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible service package.  We have a range of ROV systems, high specification deployment systems and ancillary tooling packages in our fleet that ensures we provide the best solution for the project.

Typical inspection tasks include;

  • GVI & CVI of components
  • Survey of seabed infrastructure
  • Marine growth cleaning
  • NDT inspection - ultrasonic wall thickness, flooded member detection and CP
  • Enhanced Inspection – ACFM, ultrasonics, 3D photogrammetry and laser scanning



We have performed numerous IRM projects operating and deploying ROV systems from the installation. Our range of ROV systems allows inspection of infrastructure hundreds of meters from the installation reducing cost by saving vessel days.

Our ROV fleet includes a number of ATEX compliant zone 2 rated ROV systems for platform based inspection.



Our ROV systems have been mobilised onto a number of vessels, with our high specification deployment systems operations can continue safely in enhanced sea states which increases operational efficiencies.



All of our ROV systems come with the option of high bandwidth data ports allowing the integration of 3rd party inspection tools. Our workshop technicians and ROV operators are experienced in integrating tooling and sensors ensuring projects are completed efficiently and safely.

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