Film-Ocean provides ROV services to those developing, constructing, installing or maintaining offshore wind farms. Our bespoke client services encompass scope of works on offshore windfarm monopiles, steel jacket and floating, moored structures in deeper locations.

Film-Ocean has over 14 years’ experience working offshore around the UK coast and our services are aimed at:

  • Surveying, inspecting and cleaning any of the subsea infrastructure of a wind farm
  • Turbine or substation foundations
  • Inspecting the export cables
  • Cathodic protection inspections.

Our ROV’s are at ease working at the different depths required:

  • Underwater windfarm monopile – typically up to 30m depth
  • Multi-pile structures up to 60m
  • Floating, moored structures in deeper locations.

Modern technology:

  • Full 1080i HD cameras
  • Video enhancement
  • Multibeam sonar to combat poor visibility conditions.

Case studies