Having completed over 100 UWILD inspections globally Film-Ocean has developed and own a range of equipment and tooling to provide a fully managed, integrated UWILD service offering.

With deployment options from either the FPSO or vessel based we can offer the correct package for any UWILD requirement.

Film-Ocean has an extensive track record in performing UWILD inspections.  Our value driven, high quality service offering is achieved by knowledgeable and experienced personnel utilising high quality ROV systems and tooling.

We hold class approved service supplier status with ABS, BV, DNV-GL and Lloyd’s Register for in water surveys.


Our innovative deployment options include;

FPSO Based Deployment

Due to not requiring an ROV support vessel significant cost savings can be achieved. A typical scope of work would include full inspection of all major components and infrastructure within the 500m zone.

This deployment method is ideally suited to installations situated in less than 250m water depth.



Vessel Based Deployment

Using the know-how and experience we have provided our UWILD inspection services from support vessels.

This is more common for deep water assets where, due to the excursion distance from the deployment site, using an FPSO based solution it would not be possible to complete inspection tasks on all components and infrastructure. A typical scope of work would include a full inspection of all major components and infrastructure required.



From a single launch position our ROV systems can carry out an inspection of the complete hull. A typical hull inspection includes;

• GVI & CVI hull plating and features
• Seachest, thruster and hull cleaning
• Internal and external inspection of overboard valves and seachests
• NDT inspection – ultrasonic wall thickness and CP
• Internal ballast tank inspection



Survey from connection to the FPSO to seabed touchdown and normally to burial can be achieved by our free swimming ROV’s launched from the deck of the FPSO. When operating from a vessel we can track buried mooring lines and complete the survey to the anchor position. A typical mooring inspection includes;

• GVI/CVI of all mooring components including jewellery
• Cleaning
• Interlink, link length and bar diameter measurements using our own patented equipment
• Enhanced Inspection - 3D photogrammetry and laser scanning
• Trench profiling
• NDT inspection - ultrasonic wall thickness and CP



Whilst onsite additional IRM tasks such as flexible riser and umbilical surveys, subsea structures, flowlines and jumpers are routinely added as required deliverables to reduce the cost of a separate mobilisation.



Using our versatile ROV systems we have delivered many intervention tasks that would normally be associated with divers or larger ROV’s deployed from a support vessel. Examples include;

• Inserting inflatable or compression plugs into hull apertures to allow for remedial work on ship side valves
• Operating riser base valves to allow for pressure tests

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